Who I am.

I am a supervisor and psychotherapist with a deep belief in the value of effective and brave communications with Self and others. The outcome of these beliefs is growing self-awareness,  becoming empowered, building positive relationships, and choosing meaningful and sustainable change in life.

Also, living, working and travelling abroad has allowed me to learn about other cultures. Living abroad presents a different canvas and palette for living.  Many things are similar yet there are a million differences; at times feeling like the odd one out I managed to build a successful life for me and my family. Being resilient was very much a part of this experience which lead to significant personal growth and understanding. This learning has also enabled me to listen to others on many different levels and come to understand how we come to be where we are … but also explore where we would like to be.

My philosophy.

My entire tertiary education has focussed on communication starting with studying languages, then studying the written word through language courses, editing and publishing; then the learning about our psychological and internal worlds in counselling and psychotherapy. I am also focussed on the trauma of being human as well as working with people who have experienced trauma throughout their lives. This is now a deeper focus for me through study as I embark on a Ph.D. exploring trauma in first responders.

I provide a holistic approach to therapeutic and supervisory individual and group practice. More specifically, I am trauma informed, and deeply influenced by Existential philosophy which focuses on the ideas of choice, responsibility, and living an authentic life. It also faces the human themes of freedom – death – isolation – and meaninglessness in our lives. The work is then to recognise we have choice, and with that comes responsibility and then freedom. My practice in relationship with you also works to uncover aspects of the unconscious mind and the dynamic patterns that we (usually unconsciously) play out in our lives but which are no longer useful. From there finding your path.

My background.

Aside from my private practice I am the Campus Counsellor at Torrens University Health Faculty, and I teach/supervise at Western Sydney University. I have worked as a telephone counsellor in Australia and the United States. I have been a Relationships Educator with Relationships Australia covering topics from anger, domestic violence, parenting and managing after separation. I have worked as an Executive Coach in the corporate world focusing on leadership and executive development. I am a registered clinical individual and group supervisor to counsellors and psychotherapist as well as providing supervision to universities, organisations, allied health and medical professionals.

About Miriam

I am a counsellor, psychotherapist, and supervisor influenced by existential philosophy. I have a deep fascination for effective and brave communications with Self and others that result in conscious choices which empower, create resilience, and enable positive relationships and meaningful sustainable change.

Servicing Sydney from private practice in Willoughby.

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