Miriam Holder

Counsellor, Psychotherapist, Supervisor

Are you happy with how you do life? How do you want to be in the world? Are there unhelpful patterns in your life that repeat even though you consciously want to do something different? Do you want to change how you are in relationships or how you communicate with others? Are you feeling lost or struggling to find direction? Are you overwhelmed or stressed out by the effects of your job or the work you do? Is your past trauma or interfering with your present?

So many questions that we ask ourselves that sometimes seem unanswerable or bewildering; we are left wondering how something small might have such a big effect. Counselling and Psychotherapy is about how we communicate with ourselves and with others. It’s about finding clarity and meaning in what makes up life. I live and work by the principle that growth of our self-awareness and ability to communicate strengthens our ability to influence and make sustainable change in our lives and in our world. If you are looking at this site, chances are you are looking to make meaningful changes in your life. As a qualified counsellor and psychotherapist I can travel the road with you as you move towards the life you want to live, and the valuable relationships you want to have – both with yourself and with others.

Working with a counsellor is a courageous step that can enable you to explore the difficult and traumatic in a way that paves the way to healing and strength in your life.


Counselling, Psychotherapy, Coaching, Supervision for counsellors and psychotherapists, & Group supervision.

Counselling and psychotherapy

Supervision and group supervision for individual counsellors, psychotherapists, health and allied-health practitioners, first responders (paramedics, police officers, fire-fighters), legal, and medical practitioners.

Do you feel:

  • Anxious or depressed?
  • Lost or Numb?
  • Unable to say no?
  • Life feels like Groundhog Day?
  • Lost in family issues ?
  • The effects of trauma and loss?
  • Grief?
  • Worn out?
  • Prickly?
  • Unable to let go and have fun? 
  • Unable to communicate?
  • Relationships could be better?

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Practice runs out of Willoughby.

Tel: 0419 468 072


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